Advantages and Disadvantages of Web 2.0 Technologies

Whole world is striving hard to find more and more information on Web 2.0 technologies but many of them haven’t devoted time to weigh the pros and cons of this evolutionary technology or strategy. There’s no denying that Web 2.0 is the latest buzzword in the online marketing industry and Internet advertising companies in India are endeavoring hard to find ways to unleash this technology to its potential. There are numerous advantages of Web 2.0 whereas a certain section of Internet experts feel that this revolutionary technology will be more harmful than good.

Trust me it is an interesting debate to see whether Web 2.0 will prove to be a boon or a bane. In this article, I’ll try to list down some advantages as well as disadvantages of Web 2.0, so that you can decide whether it’s useful or it’s more like an Internet bubble. What is Web 2.0 technology? Web 2.0 is the next level of the Internet, wherein online users become contributors instead of meager viewers. The biggest advantage of using Web 2.0 technologies is that information or social content can be pulled or placed at different places and further personalizing it to meet up the requirements of an individual user.

Web 2.0 Strategy

Web 2.0 Strategy

It has been touted that Web 2.0 allows population to correspond and spread ideas with each other rather than receiving the information from a single source. Seeing this system, we can say that information will run freely, easily, and people can put across their thoughts without fear of authoritarianism. In short, Web 2.0 would democratize the Internet. This digital democratic technology will keep everyone informed and abreast with the latest developments. This means instead of reading information from one source, you can receive information from various sources, allowing better and understanding decision.

Another most powerful advantage of Web 2.0 tool is communication, especially, when Internet is one of the best communication ways in the world. Internet is way beyond traditional communication systems such as telephone as well as printing press and this has created a friendly environment where ideas are allowed to flow unobstructed. With Web 2.0 tools, users can communicate around the world with a nominal cost. It won’t be wrong to say that Web 2.0 will make the online world more tailored. Everyone business has different needs, and Web 2.0 technology allows each person to have information customized to his or her desires and interests.

Below are a few more advantages attached to Web 2.0 that should not be overlooked:

1. Web 2.0 technologies have provided next-generation Web platforms which are efficient in overall sales strategies.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0

2. Web 2.0 community and social networking sites are the best places to share your success stories, efficient knowledge worker collaboration, employee satisfaction, and client’s success.

3. Web 2.0 communities are used for driving product feedback and targeting valuable marketing resources.

4. By targeting or hiring bloggers, you can create and control your business’s image for the positive.

Though there are a many disadvantages of Web 2.0 as well. The biggest disadvantage is that people who are aware of Web 2.0 technology prefers to drive the advantages of Web 2.0 without educating people. One of the biggest problems with Web 2.0 is dependence and I’m a living example. I’m heavily reliant on the Internet and if my connection goes down or it is a little slow, how can I use the information I’m longing for. Moreover, many web services are offered free and they aren’t well guarded, that’s why; they are on target by hackers.

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